Semen Royalty Scheme Bulls

The Society has in place a Semen Royalty Scheme.

The fee for issuing a Royalty Certificate is set by the owner when it is entered onto the scheme.

When a breeder comes to register a calf sired by a "Semen Royalty Bull", he/she will automatically be invoiced, not only for the Calf Registration Fee but also for the appropriate Semen Royalty Fee, the registration, as a result, going through with out any delay; the owner of the Semen Rights then being automatically credited with the Royalty, less the Society’s small administration fee.

If any member is interested in enrolling a bull, which they own, onto the scheme, please contact the Secretary of the British Blue Cattle Society, for full details of the scheme and an application form.

Please note the following points: -

  • A bull must be entered onto the scheme prior to any semen being sold
  • Animals are only eligible to join or be part of the scheme, if they are registered onto the British Herd Book and are in possession of a BCMS passport.
  • If a bull, already enrolled on the scheme, is exported, it will no longer be in possession of BCMS passport and as a result, will be withdrawn from the scheme, from the date of export”.

List of Royalty Sires

Semen Royalty Declaration Form 2019