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IBR and AI Bulls - Important Notice
26th November 2013

EU Regulations for bull semen collection – IBR

No bull that tests positive for IBR can enter a stud with an EU Licence, THIS INCLUDES VACCINATES

Semen for export to Northern Ireland, the EU and third countries CAN ONLY be collected on a fully EU Licenced stud

When adopting a Health Scheme programme, it is essential that you consider possible future plans for semen collection from the best bull calves

Potential stud bulls can be “ring-fenced” by restricting use of IBR vaccine to the remainder of the herd.

Taking these high fliers to livestock shows and sales, as will be advised by your vets, is a well-known risk factor.

Semen from IBR vaccinates and IBR positive bulls can be taken on farm but for sale / use within England, Scotland and Wales only.

Please consider these options carefully to avoid disappointment and, of course, the loss of potential valuable off-farm revenue.

For further information please contact either Jim Cameron (07977 281070), Geoff Corke (01953 789011) or Rob Wills (07980 894660)

The Royal Veterinary College have updated their website with another webinar on BVD by Prof Joe Brownlie and Dr Richard Booth, this one is aimed at farmers and para-professional animal health workers.

CHeCS Johne’s Programme
The CHeCS Johne’s programme has changed to a graded system which is designed to enable herds to maintain or move towards clear herd tests. [more]

Health Status for Embryo Transfer Recipients
Embryo transfer recipients (ETRs) are a potential bio-security risk for accredited and qualifying herds in Hi Health Herdcare and these risks may extend to current non health scheme disease such as Neospora. [more]

1. If Herd already Accredited
a) Continue to screen 5 animals per separate group of calves in the age range 9 to 18 months on an annual basis.
b) Ensure all animals are BVD vaccinated prior to going to a sale. This will necessitate two doses of vaccine with 3 to 4 weeks interval between doses. Also allow 2 weeks after the second dose before selling.

2. If Herd not Accredited
a) Blood test the animal/s prior to sale (at least 6 weeks) for BVD antigen (virus) AND antibody.
b) Vaccinate as detailed above.
c) Ideally join the health scheme

• Ensure adequate time is left prior to sale for testing and vaccination.
• Ask your health scheme provider for a health declaration at sale (give adequate notice).

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