Joining the British Blue Society

If you are interested in joining the Society, we would be delighted to welcome you as a Member.

As a member you will be entered into the next Herd Book, receive regular communications, and have access to Society sponsored shows and sales. We undertake significant levels of breed promotion to help our members sell pedigree animals.

You can download the Membership or Commercial Application Form (below), complete and send to the Society Office. Please also remember to complete the Direct Debit Form. Membership application’s cannot be accepted without this.

It would be helpful to the Society, if you are a tax payer, if you could sign the Gift Aid section of the Membership Form. Doing this causes no inconvenience to yourself, but enables the Society’s Accountants to claim back approximately 25p for every £1 of your membership fee.

If you already have pedigree British Blue animals in your herd, please return the pedigree certificates, with your Membership Application Forms and we can then transfer them into your name and new herd, free of charge. This is important, as you will not be able to register any subsequent calves from these animals, unless they are under your ownership on our records.

Once the office has received the completed Membership Forms, we will send you out a Membership Pack, which contains your Membership Certificate, Personal Identification Number (PIN) Cattle Log Registration Booklet, factsheets etc.

Essentially the breed's rapid growth in the UK has occurred because of its ability to produce lean meat from the dairy herd. Over 80% of dairy cow beef inseminations are British Blue. We are now seeing the specialist beef producers increasingly using our bulls as terminal sires on beef crosses. The proof of their value can be seen in the number of Fatstock shows which are won by a British Blue cross and the premium they attract from many butchers.

If you would prefer, we can send you out the necessary forms by post.

download Membership Application Form

download Commercial Membership Application Form

download Direct Debit Mandate