Sale Health Entry Requirements

  1. All vendors need not be a member of a CHeCS recognised Health Scheme, but the Society does still require your individual animals to be tested, prior to sale.

  2. 2.       All animals entered must: be:-

    a)     Pre-sale blood tested (or PCR culture tested if a blood test is likely to conflict with a recent Bovine TB test) for Johnes disease, within 3 months of the sale; animals testing positive cannot be entered and presented for sale.  Exclusions being animals from a Risk Level One (Accredited) herd or is under one year

    b)    Pre sale blood tested for BVD to exclude any 'P I's'; the exception being accredited herds; animals testing positive cannot be entered and presented for sale.   All animals must be vaccinated against BVD

    c)     As from 1st July 2020, a copy of the test results for BVD and Johnes MUST accompany each individual animal's entry into a sale.  No entries will be accepted without this information

    d)    All vendors give the Society/Auctioneers the right to verify all health data supplied with the vendors Health Scheme provider and by signing the Herd Health Declaration form, the onus in on the vendor to ensure that the information provided is correct.

    3.       The Society reserves the right to conduct random blood tests on any animal entered for sale for illicit substances.  All animals on Appeal, which have been rejected for mobility, will have a blood sample taken, with the Society reserving the right to send this for analysis at its discretion.