Sale Entry Conditions and Reject Policy

Entries at a sale held under the auspices of the Society may comprise of: -

1. Pedigree registered (British Herd Book) British Blue males and females

2. Grade registered (British Herd Book) British Blue females

3. Non-registered females, either with a pedigree calf at foot, or the recipient of a pedigree embryo

4. Commercial animals

4.1 Commercial steers (not bulls) and/or heifers, being at least first cross from a pedigree animal registered in the British Herd Book.

4.2 Any female sold with calf or calves at foot is warranted to be the dam of that calf or calves, excepting non-registered recipients with their ET calves at foot. In respect of all females sold in-calf, at the time of sale of such females, a pregnancy diagnostic certificate, issued by a qualified veterinary surgeon, must be made available to the purchaser. Such certificate should be dated as near as possible to the sale and certainly no sooner than one month before the sale date.

4.3 All male calves must be castrated.

4.4 Crossbred cattle, including calves at dam’s foot, will be inspected and are expected to be, and may be advertised as such, of “Show Potential”. Any animal that is not in a condition, or quality, in keeping with a prestigious pedigree/commercial sale, held under the auspices of the Society may be rejected.

5. A non British Blue with its own calf at foot, is eligible for entry, providing the calf is at least 25% Registered British Blue and is also a good example of this cross.

6. A cow which is at least 50% British Blue with it’s own calf at foot. (Only at a member’s dispersal sale.)

7. All pedigree, grade-registered and commercial stock must be de-horned

8. No calf, whether pedigree or crossbred, under the age of 3 months on the day of the sale, will be accepted for either show or sale.

9. All cattle are accepted subject to their compliance with the rules and regulations relating to this sale and such other rules and regulations as are pertinent and laid down by the Society.

10. All Pedigree animals must be halter trained.

Rejected Animals

1. Pedigrees
The lot numbers of rejected Pedigree animals are to be marked in red at the time of the inspection and this is to stay in place for the duration of the sale. These animals may be returned to their original pens. If such an animal is subsequently sold privately, from the pens, the sale is to be put through the Auctioneers’ books. Such rejected animals are not covered by warranty. Any Pedigree stock rejected by the inspectorate, for any reason whatsoever, must be withdrawn from the show.

2. Commercials
Any commercial stock disqualified, for any reason whatsoever, must be withdrawn from the show and/or sale and removed from the market premises forthwith, if practicable, or otherwise to a liarage designated by the Society, at all times remaining the responsibility of the vendor. Disqualified commercial cattle, whilst on the market premises, must not be offered for sale, or sold, either by auction or by private treaty.

3. In the event of a dispute the decision of the inspectorate will be final and binding upon all parties.