Searching for Animal Information


There is a wealth of Genetic Evaluation information available on the ‘Breedplan’ website. The key issue is how to access it. It is hoped that the following will be of value to you: -

1) Getting started
i) Go to - Click Resource – on drop down box – click Breedplan – go across click, either Animal Enquiry; EBV Enquiry; Member Enquiry; Sale Catalogues; Private Sales Register or Semen Catalogues.

2) Using ‘Animal Enquiry’
i) Open as above. Enter animals name, HBN or UK Tag number. Data inserted must be correct to find animal. Uncertain of the exact spelling of the animal’s name? Type in Prefix, then first letter of name. e.g. Bringlee W. Click Search. Brings up all animals registered with a name beginning with W. Click on the Animal you are looking for and all its data will come up.
ii) Suggest print off a Percentile Table. Below / right of EBV chart. ‘Click for Percentiles’.
iii) Show EBV/Index. Below EBV Chart click Show EBV/Index data in a graph, click EBV Graph – View.

3) Searching For Progeny of particular animals.
i) E.g. Sons of Hazelwood Freshman under two years old. Open Animal Enquiry. Age selection click ‘Under 2yo’. Select if, drop down box, select Male. Sire name box, enter sire you require sons of e.g. Hazelwood Freshman. Click Search. List of progeny will come up, Click on animal you are interested in and animal’s data will appear, stating current owner. To find contact details go to ‘Members Enquiry’ at top of page. Click. Enter members name, Click. Contact details appear.

4) Using EVB Enquiry
i) Open as above. Sample question find - Male/Published Sire (has progeny recorded)/Breed Average for Calving Ease direct / Top 25% 400day weight.
ii) Print off a Percentile table. On Animal Enquiry Data Sheet - Click Published sire DOT, look on Percentile table Calving Ease direct Top 50% = 0.0. Enter 0 in Calving Ease Minimum column. Look at 400 day Wt Top 25% = 17. Enter 17 in 400 day Wt minimum column. Click Search. Selection will appear. You can add in as many criteria as you wish. However if you are too demanding the animal may not exist!!
iii) Sorting Selection – Bottom left of data sheet select how your wish the animals to be listed e.g. by 400 day weight either ascending or descending.
iv) Sorting A Sales Catalogue using EBV Enquiry. Click Top of page Sales Catalogue/ Click sale /Top left Click Search/sort Catalogue. Then use Enquiry form as ii).

5) Using Mating Predictor
i) Go to Animal Enquiry and find the HBN of animals you wish to enter. It will only work with HBNs.
ii) As 1.1 open Mating Predictor. Enter a sire’s HBN and the dam HBN that you are considering putting him on to.
iii) Suggest – Initially do not put in Calving Years and simply do a prediction with one sire and one dam at a time. You can become more adventurous as you experience success with using this programme.
iv) ‘Breedplan’ claim that the resultant predictions are within approximately.5% accuracy

6) Download Files
i) Open as 1.1.
ii) Click Sign On. Enter Members ID and Password.
iii) Either your own for reports on your herd or UKBLTEK and UKBLTEK1 respectively for National herd reports.
iv) Go to Top Right click Download Files again.
v) Select the file you require by clicking in it.