New BREEDPLAN Website Released


23 June 2020

The Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI) is pleased to announce that today a new version of the BREEDPLAN website has been released. This new-look website will make it easier for BREEDPLAN users to navigate and locate the information they are seeking.
There are a number of changes that you may notice on the new BREEDPLAN website. These include:

1. A Combined ‘Search and Login’ page where you can see a list of all of the breed societies and associations around the world that are currently using BREEDPLAN and find links to the ‘database search’ and ‘member login’ for each of these societies.

2. The BREEDPLAN Help Centre replaces the ‘Technical’ section on the old website. The Help Centre is fully searchable, allowing you to find all documentation containing your search terms. This is also where you will find the BREEDPLAN Tip Sheets.

3. Information on the BREEDPLAN Suite of Genetic Tools. In the ‘Products’ section, you can find information on a range of BREEDPLAN products including BreedObject Selection Indexes, MateSel (a mate allocation software), the Completeness of Performance product and GeneProb (a tool to assist producers manage genetic conditions in their herds).

4. The ‘Research’ page provides an overview of the current research and developments occurring at BREEDPLAN. A number of BREEDPLAN technical papers, including scientific publications, can also be found here.
Please note that the web address for the BREEDPLAN website has not changed; it can still be found at: For further information, please contact BREEDPLAN on +61 2 6773 3555 or via email

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