WebRegOn-line Registration

This service is available from the CDI for ALL pedigree registrations for the following breeds: Ayrshire, British Blue, British Friesian, Brown Swiss, European Angus, Guernsey, Holstein, Jersey and Montbeliarde.

Info on how to access the program:

  1. Go to www.thecdi.co.uk then follow the 'WebReg’ link from the ‘Tools’ section in the left hand menu’

  2. There are then three options available. If you milk record with either CIS or UDF, please choose the appropriate option: ‘Record calving in my CIS / UDF milking herd’ (and optionally a pedigree society and/or BCMS)

  3. If you milk record with NMR, choose the third option ‘Record calving with a pedigree society and/or BCMS’

  4. Enter your herd prefix, PIN number and click ‘Login’. Follow the steps below:

Step 1

a. You can now enter details of the calving dam by entering either the line number, eartag, breed / HBN or animal name.

b. If more than one animal matched your criteria, you will need to select the correct calving dam from the list.

c. A summary of the information you have entered builds up throughout the process at the bottom of the screen.

d. Click ‘Next Step’

Step 2

e. Enter calving details

f. Click ‘Next Step’

Step 3

g. Enter sire details

h. If you have used a sire before, go to the ‘Choose a recently Used Sire’ drop down facility

i. To enter a new proven sire not in your list, use a short name in the ‘Search By Name’ option

j. To enter a non-proven or herd sire, use the ‘HBN Search’ only

k. Click ‘Next Step’

Step 4

l. Enter details of the calf or calves born

m. A line number may be given to the calf

n. A name is suggested, which you may alter

o. Click ‘Next Step’

Step 5 (if you have requested a passport from BCMS)

p. Enter Passport details

r. Check and Save Calving

s. Check all the details in the summary are correct, especially whether you have requested a passport and / or registration.

t. Click ‘Save Calving’

u. If an error is flagged, you will need to resolve the error before the passport and / or registration can be submitted.

v. If the request is successful, the calf’s breed / HBN or BCMS reference number will be displayed.

w. You can now ‘Add another calving’ or ‘Return to the CDI website’ by clicking on the appropriate link.