Happy Heifer after Cow is Couples Guest of Honour

31st May 2014

Steven O'Kane from Northern Ireland and Katrina Donaldson from North Yorkshire were married in North Yorkshire on Saturday May 31st.

Croftends Georgia

photo by Robert Smith

Family and friends from all over the UK joined Steven and Katrina celebrate their big day - but the real star of the show was ‘Gorgeous’ the British Blue heifer that was responsible for bring the newlyweds together.

Katrina was attending the Great Yorkshire show last year and fell in love with ‘Gorgeous’ and wanted to buy her from Steven, he would only agree to the sale if she agreed to go on a date! Steven was so impressed with the new owner of his beloved heifer and both fell head over heels in love, which culminated in a wonderful wedding day and a grand day out for ‘Gorgeous’