Strong Demand for Quality British Blue Genetics

11th April 2014

It was very pleasing to receive the year end statistics from BCMS which showed that interest, nationally, in British Blue genetics continues to increase. There was a small but significant rise of 1%, to 11%, in the number of animals sired by a ‘Blue’ applying for passports, totalling a very respectable 187,000 animals!

There must have been some very keen, fertile, stock bulls out there or a lot of semen has been sold!! The figure, though, does demonstrate a substantial demand for the quality of carcase produced from using a British Blue sire.


This is further endorsed by the feedback the Society receives from some of the major supermarkets in which it is in contact with. Whilst a number concentrate on their ‘Premium’ range, usually about 25 – 30% of sales, being sired by a native breed such as Angus, Shorthorn or Hereford, they would prefer such carcases out of a ‘Blue’ or ‘Blue X’ cross cow, in order to benefit from the associated high yield of saleable meat. When it comes to the remaining 70% of their standard beef range, many prefer to source 'Blue' X Holstein carcases, due to their leanness and the profit benefit achieved from our high meat yield.

From a pedigree view point, the Society does detect, quite positively, that the demand for Pedigree ‘Blue’ bulls and females is now exceeding supply. This has been demonstrated in the very respectable sale averages and clearances seen in this spring sales. Well grown, correct, quality, ready to work bulls, are being highly sought after along with, well grown, quality heifers. An auctioneer’s comment from a recent sale was that a number of potential purchasers for ready to work bulls went home disappointed and empty handed.

The demand from the meat trade for our quality genetics continues unabated and this bodes well for the future of our breed, this linked to the demand exceeding the supply for Pedigree animals makes registering a Pedigree ‘Blue’ calf, a very sound business decision.