British Blue Superior Carcase Sire Listing Scheme

30th August 2013

Siperior Carcass SireFollowing consultation with the industry, the Society is pleased and proud to launch a ‘Superior Carcase Sire Listing Scheme’. Animals listed will be of high genetic merit and will provide a ‘Point of Reference’ for both purchasers of quality Terminal Sires and meat procurement officers seeking carcases sired by bulls with a potential for grow and carcase quality and yield. The Society is very pleased to have received endorsement of the scheme by EBLEX.

EBLEX is pleased to encourage and support the British Blue Cattle Society’s new ‘Superior Carcase Sire’ initiative and is very happy to encourage the flow of quality genetics into the beef chain; the resulting improved efficiency, for both producer and retailer, whilst also contributing to a reduction in the industry’s ‘carbon footprint’, is a very positive and innovative step in the right direction.
Chris Lloyd (EBLEX Industry Development Manager)

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