Annual General Meeting 2018

Thursday 25th January

Another year has flown by and time for my chairman’s report, another exciting year for The British Blues with some tremendous cattle out at all the shows and a positive demand at most of the sales.

The year started with the January Border Club AGM followed the next day by our 18th annual open calf show followed by the National sale at Carlisle auction.

The AGM went well but I could not match the usual speed of Steve Pattinson in getting through the official business before supper.

The calf show had 24 calves entered with 11 bulls and 13 females. The overall championship was won by Ian McGarva with Abington Lionel, he also took the reserve championship with Abington Liquorice.

With thanks to the judge Garry Patterson this was followed by the sale which was well attended and topped out at 11,000gns for Greystone Kellogs from Graham Coates with the top heifer going to aforementioned Abington Liquorice from Ian McGarva who sold for 4,200gns.

Next in the year was our annual spring primestock show and sale at the end of March and was judged by Jimmy Mulholland. The overall winner of the day was N Dixon of Low Whinnow Farm and went on to make £1646.67 bought by The Pioneer.

15 cast cows were forward for judging with Messrs Jackson, Skelton Wood End taking first and second prize both making 214.5 p/kg one coming out at £1,887 the other at £2,039.90 showing these blues cast cows can come to a lot of money.

The next big thing for the year was the annual spring show and sale in May at Carlisle which this year had a new breed record for Dragon Blues Kai from GW & K Williams which sold for 24,000gns, a further 5 bulls made over 10,000gns and had an 84% clearance. Topping the females was Lukeroyal Fidget which sold for 2,000gns. The show was kindly sponsored by Show Winners, David Allen & Border Cars.

Going into the summer it was good to see many Border Blue Club members touring out at local and national shows with Border Blue cattle taking some big honours and having some well-earned social time at the shows.

Following the shows we had our regional herd competition which included nearly 15 herds with some great cattle being seen. This year it was judged by Jeff and Margaret Walker, Brennand herd.

Class prize winners were as follows: -

BEST COW to receive David Allen Plaque:

1st Moorsley Duchess (Paul Brannen); 2nd Solway View Illusion ET (Kevin Watret); 3rd Blackstane J’Adore (K Blackwood & D Davidson).

BEST HEIFER 12 – 30 months to receive Kelowna Plaque:

1st Solway View Kesha ET (Kevin Watret); 2nd Stonebyres Leona (Blair & Shona Comrie); 3rd Kinkry Hill Kitkat (Joe Pattinson).

Most Promosing Heifer under 12 months to receive Total Signs Plaque:

1st Moorsley Molly Malone (Paul Brannen); 2nd Blackstane Little Princess (K Blackwood & D Davidson); 3rd Stonebyres Merida (Blair & Shona Comrie).

BEST BULL to receive Neil Graham & Co Plaque:

1st Tweeddale Hamish ET (Richard Pedley); 2nd Croftends Iceman (JE Bellas & Son); 3rd Solway View Jackpot (Kevin Watret).

BEST BULL 12 – 30 months

1st Blue Steel Kilo (Jonathan Steel); 2nd Stonebyres Levi (Blair & Shona Comrie); 3rd Top Side Kupid (Ross & Elaine Pattinson).

Most Promosing Bull under 12 months to receive Harrison & Hetherington Ltd Plaque:

1st Solway View Levi (Kevin Watret); 2nd Netherton Magic (J Hyslop & Sons); 3rd Maidenlands London (Dean Saunders).

BEST SMALL HERD to receive Little’s Butchers Plaque:

1st Blackstane Herd (Kelly Blackwood & Duncan Davidson); 2nd Maidenlands Herd (Dean Saunders); Downbyrigg Herd (Neil Forrester).

BEST LARGE HERD to receive Highland Drover Plaque:

1st Solway View Herd (Kevin Watret); 2nd Stonebyres Herd (Blair & Shona Comrie); 3rd Moorsley Herd (Paul Brannen).

OVERALL BEST HERD to receive Brian Wheatley Plaque:

Solway View Herd (Kevin Watret).

Jeff and Margaret Walker came back to Carlisle to give their results at our annual autumn pre sale supper on 28th September which has historically been a slow sale but any bulls that were fit to work in the near future sold really well. Topping the sale was the male and overall champion Almely Kasper form Graham Morgan which went on to sell for 7,000gns. Taking the top heifer prize was Willnant Laylafrom from Adrian Williams, Nantygeifer Farm, and went on to make the top heifer price of 5,000gns. The show was sponsored by Border Cars.

Shortly after this was The Borderway Agri-Expo were we held our 10th annual open calf show on 3rd November. Which was very generously sponsored by Davidsons Animal Feeds. This was ably Judged Sam Martin, (Springhill Herd).

Class prize winners were as follows: -

Class 1) male born between 01.10.16 and 31. 12.16:
1st & Male Champion Solway View Lenny ET (Kevin Watret);

2nd Luce Water Lord of the Rings ET (Ben Haigh);

3rd Solway View Leroy (Kevin Watret);

4th Tanat Laser ET (WR & WW Jones);

5th Maidenlands Locki ET (Dean Saunders).

Class 2) male born between 01.01.17 and 28.02.17
1st & reserve male champion Stonebyres Minstrel (A & CS Comrie);

2nd Bordley Mr T (John S Stephenson);

3rd Stonebyres Mack (A & CS Comrie);

4th Bordley Magic (John S Stephenson);

5th Moorsley Micky (Paul Brannen).

Class 3) male born between 01.03.17 and 31.05.17:
1st Solway View Macleod ET (Kevin Watret);

2nd Abington Marvin ET (Ian McGarva);

3rd Stonebyres Murdo (A & CS Comrie);

Class 4) female born between 01.10.16 and 07.11.16:
1st Blackstane Little Princess ET (K Blackwood & D Davidson);

2nd Solway View Lavender (Kevin Watret);

3rd Clifftown Limited Edition (Dylan Townend);

4th Solway View Lottie ET (Kevin Watret);

5th Cliftown Lara (Dylan Townend).

Class 5) female born between 08.11.16 and 31.01.17:
1st female champion & overall champion Homilton Lottie ET (Roly Carr);

2nd & reserve female champion Bordley Maltesers (John S Stephenson);

3rd Maidenlands Lush ET (Dean Saunders);

4th Redmires Matilda ET (Stephen & Ashley Mills);

5th Moorsley Molly Malone (Paul Brannen).

Class 6) female born between 01.02.17 and 31.05.17:
1st Brownridge Blues Madeleine (DJ & B Spours);

2nd Abington Maisey (Ian McGarva);

3rd Solway View Madonna (Kevin Watret);

4th Croftends Molly (JE Bellas & Son);

5th Redmires Mabel ET (Stephen & Ashley Mills).

Class 7) Young Handler (aged 16 and under):
1st Hollie Bellas (11) leading Croftends Molly;

2nd Ross Comrie (15) leading Stonebyres Mack;

3rd Joe Pattinson (12) leading Tanat Laser ET

4th Matthew Benson (10) leading Maidenlands Locki ET;

Class 8 Progeny (2 animals by the same sire but out of different dams):
1st Kevin Watret – Solway View Leroy & Solway View Lavender (sired by Solway View Jackpot);

2nd Blair & Shona Comrie – Stonebyres Minstrel & Stonebyres Mack (sired by Kersey Geronimo ET);

3rd John S Stephenson – Bordley Mr T & Bordley Magic (sired by Tanat Harlequin ET);

4th Ian McGarva – Abington Marvin ET & Abington Maisey (sired by Tweeddale Ebony SR ET);

5th John S Stephenson – Bordley Maltesers & Bordley Maisy (sired by Tanat Harlequin ET).

All in all it’s been a promising year for the club and the breed with Blue cross cattle taking top prizes in many commercial rings and fat stock shows also carcass competitions. The immediate future looks good for the Blues and hope that it continues and look forward to another good year!

Ross Pattinson