KeenanHerd Competition 2015

The competition was open to all fully paid up members residing within the Border British Blue Club area. The herds were split into two categories (small and large herds). Large herd was a herd that registers more than 5 calves a year and small herd is a herd that registers less than 5 calves a year into the British Blue herd book.

The club would like to thank Keenan for the sponsorship of this event.

The Judge Linda Morgan (Ty Isaf Herd) had the very difficult task of judging the event. The small herd was won by Ross & Elaine Pattinson (Top Side). The winner of the large herd went to Blair & Shona Comrie (Stonebyres). The Stonebyres herd went on to win the Overall Herd Competition.

The prize giving took place at the Auctioneer Suite, Rosehill, Carlisle.

The Border Club would like to thank everyone who helped make the Herd Competition a great success.

Class prize winners were as follows: -

BEST COW to receive David Allen Plaque:

1st Stonebyres Georgia (Blair & Shona Comrie); 2nd Rathlyon Dinah ET (Ross & Elaine Pattinson); 3rd Solway View Drambuie ET (Kevin Watret).

BEST HEIFER 12 – 30 months to receive Kelowna Plaque:

1st Top Side Isla (Ross & Elaine Pattinson); 2nd Blackstane J’Adore (Kelly Blackwood & Duncan Davidson); 3rd Solway View Illusion ET (Kevin Watret).

Most Promosing Heifer under 12 months to receive Total Signs Plaque:

1st Croftends Klass (JE Bellas & Son); 2nd Stonebyres Keira (Blair & Shona Comrie); 3rd Kelowna Kelly (Steve & Claire Pattinson).

BEST BULL to receive Neil Graham & Co Plaque:

1st Solway View Jackpot (Kevin Watret); 2nd Stonebyres I Spy (Blair & Shona Comrie); 3rd Top Side John Joe (Ross & Elaine Pattinson).

Most Promosing Bull under 12 months to receive Harrison & Hetherington Ltd Plaque:

1st Downbyrigg Kingpin (Neil Forrester); 2nd Croftends Kingston ET (JE Bellas & Son); 3rd Abington Knock-Out (Ian McGarva);

BEST SMALL HERD to receive Little’s Butchers Plaque:

1st Top Side Herd (Ross & Elaine Pattinson); 2nd Abington Herd (Ian McGarva); 3rd Goodyhills Herd (Neil & Irene Armstrong).

BEST LARGE HERD to receive Highland Drover Plaque:

1st Stonebyres Herd (Blair & Shona Comrie); 2nd Croftends Herd (JE Bellas & Son); 3rd Solway View Herd (Kevin Watret).

OVERALL BEST HERD to receive Brian Wheatley Plaque:

Stonebyres Herd (Blair & Shona Comrie).