Border British Blue Club Open Calf Show

Friday 2nd November 2012

Agri Expo

The Border British Blue Club staged their fifth annual open calf show on Friday 2nd November 2012 at the Borderway Agri-Expo 2012 at Borderway Mart, Carlisle when there was a catalogued entry of 52 calves. This was made up of 22 males and 30 females all UK born pedigree registered calves born on or after 1st October 2011.

The club would like to thank the sponsors of this event, Helen - Jim Peet Agriculture Ltd, Bruce Wardlaw - Caltech & Richard Strong, Head of Renewables at Stobbarts of Workington who supplied the prize money and the club provided the rosettes and coffee on the stand.

Trophies - David Dickinson Memorial Trophy for the overall champion calf; BK Ryder Memorial Trophy for the reserve overall champion calf; Bellas Perpetual Trophy for the best animal opposite sex to the champion, Norbreck Genetics Perpetual Trophy for the breeder with the most points and the Pendle plaque for the winner of the young handler class presented by the Hartley family.

Chairman Steve Pattinson would like to thank all those who supplied cattle for the British Blue stand at the Agri-Expo they certainly generated a lot of interest and were a great spectacle for the breed. He would also like to say a big thank you to all those who helped on the Blue stand. It was very much appreciated.

The Judge, Dylan Rees, (Blue Stone Herd) travelled from Dyfed to judge the fantastic selection of calves. Exhibitors travelled the length and breadth of the country to support this event and the quality of calves on show was tremendous.

The female & overall championship was awarded to Redhead & Watson with Tweeddale Heather a 7 month old, well grown daughter, of Tweeddale Ebony (SR) ET and out of Babylone De Bierwa. Alan Dickinson brother of the late David Dickinson (official society auctioneer to the British Blue Cattle Society 1989-2007) presented the David Dickinson memorial trophy to Jonathan Watson.

Tweeddale Heather

Tweeddale Heather

The male & reserve overall championship went to K Preston (Preston Farms) with Glenpark Greengrass ET a December 2011, exceptionally well grown son, of the Mountjoy Utopia (SR) and Woodview Ellie flush. The BK Memorial Trophy for the reserve overall champion animal was presented to Kenny Preston. They were also presented with the Bellas trophy for the best animal opposite sex to the champion.

Glenpark Greengrass ET

Glenpark Greengrass ET

The young handler class was won once again by Josh Bellas leading Croftends General ET. Elaine & Mark Hartley awarded Josh with the Pendle plaque. He was closely followed by his little sister, Holly Bellas leading Bank Lane Harlequin ET.

Redhead & Watson also won the Progeny group with two Tweeddale Ebony (SR) ET calves. Tweeddale Hamlet ET (male) (1st in his class & & reserve male champion) out of Jobarde De Fooz ET and Tweeddale Heather (heifer) (1st in her class, female & supreme champion) out of Babylone De Bierwa.

Tweeddale Hamlet ET

Tweeddale Hamlet ET

The reserve progeny group went to two Bringlee Carlos (SR) ET bred heifer calves shown by different exhibitors. The first was Keasden Head Gracie Carliette ET (2nd in her class), shown by S Mason. The second, Cromwell Harriet (3rd in her class) was shown by AE Neachell & Son.

Reserve Female champion - Keadyview Gorgeous

Phil Halhead presented the Norbreck Genetics perpetual trophy for the breeder with the most points to Redhead & Watson (Tweeddale Herd) for the third year running.

Class prize winners were as follows: -

Class 1) male born between 01.10.11 and 31.12.11:
1st, male champion, reserve overall champion & best animal opposite sex to the champion Glenpark Greengrass ET (K Preston (Preston Farms));
2nd Cromwell Gunner ET (AE Neachell & Son);
3rd Bedgebury Google ET (Andrew Price);
4th Keasden Head Guiness ET (S Mason);
5th Croftends General ET (JE Bellas & Son).

Class 2) male born between 01.01.12 and 31.01.12:
1st & reserve male champion Tweeddale Hamlet ET (Redhead & Watson);
2nd Overton Hamish ET (R Kennedy);
3rd Tanat Harvey ET (WR & WW Jones);
4th Cromwell Hoff ET (AE Neachell & Son);
5th Cromwell Hercules ET (AE Neachell & Son)

Class 3) male born between 01.02.12 and 31.03.12:
1st Bank Lane Harliquin ET (JB Bowness);
2nd Cromwell Hummer (AE Neachell & Son)
3rd Bedgebury Hulk (Andrew Price)
4th Stonebyres Hartley (A & CS Comrie)
5th Stonebyres Hogan ET (A & CS Comrie)

Class 4) male born between 01.04.12 and 30.06.12:
1st Tanat Halfpenny ET (WR & WW Jones);
2nd Tweeddale Hornby (Redhead & Watson);
3rd Tweeddale Hummer (Redhead & Watson);
4th Stonebyres Hercules (A & CS Comrie);
5th Harelaw Hoffman (Jean Mackay)

Class 5) female born between 01.10.11 and 31.12.11:
1st & reserve female champion Keadyview Gorgeous (Steven O’Kane & Lynsey Lawrence);
2nd Keasden Head Gracie Carliette ET (S Mason);
3rd Criffel View Gracious ET (David Watret);

Class 6) female born between 01.01.12 and 31.01.12:
1st Cromwell Henrietta ET (AE Neachell & Son);
2nd Tanat Harmony ET (WR & WW Jones);
3rd Cromwell Harriet (AE Neachell & Son);
4th Cromwell Harlie ET (AE Neachell & Son);

Class 7) female born between 01.02.12 and 29.02.12:
1st Bank Lane Hoity Toity ET (JB Bowness)
2nd Bedgebury Humbug ET (Andrew Price)
3rd Abington Heidi (James A McGarva)
4th Abington Harriet (James A McGarva)

Class 8) female born between 01.03.12 and 30.06.12:
1st female & supreme champion - Tweeddale Heather (Redhead & Watson)
2nd Tweeddale Hawkeye (Redhead & Watson)
3rd Kelowna Honeybadger (RS & CL Pattinson)
4th Stonebyres Heidi (A & CS Comrie)

Class 9 Progeny (2 animals by the same sire but out of different dams):
1st Redhead & Watson – Tweeddale Hamlet ET & Tweeddale Heather (sired by Tweeddale Ebony (SR) ET).
2nd S Mason & AE Neachell & Son – Keasden Head Gracie Carliette ET & Cromwell Harriet (sired by Bringlee Carlos (SR) ET);
3rd Redhead & Watson – Tweeddale Hummer & Tweeddale Hawkeye (sired by Tweeddale Ebony (SR) ET);
4th AS & C Comrie – Stonebyres Hartley & Stonebyres Heidi (sired by Tamhorn Enterprising ET);
5th James A McGarva – Abington Heidi & Abington Harriet (sired by Aprilton Arnie).

Class 10 Young Handler (aged 16 and under):
1st Josh Bellas leading Croftends General ET;
2nd Holly Bellas leading Bank Lane Harliquin ET;
3rd Joe Pattinson leading Kelowna Honeybadger;
4th Ross Comrie leading Stonebyres Hogan ET;
5th Sarah Comrie leading Stonebyres Hercules.