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Shows 2012

Judging at Balmoral 2012
Judging at Balmoral 2012

Show Results 2012
Balmoral Show 16th - 18th May results
Otley Show 19th May results
Lurgan Show 2nd June report
Northumberland County Show 4th June results
Stafford County Show 6th - 7th June report
Royal Cornwall Show 7th - 9th June results
Royal Highland Show 21st - 24th June results
East of England Show 6th - 8th July results
Great Yorkshire Show 10th - 12th July results
Royal Welsh Show 23rd - 26th July results
NICCEC Summer Spectacular 24th August report
Borderway Agri-Expo 2nd November report
English WInter Fair 17th - 18th November report
Stars of the Future 17th November results


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