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British Blue Genetics

The ‘British Type’ of Belgian Blue Genetics

* Semen and embryos collected to export standards.
* Top quality stock for sale.
* Vast experience of both pure and cross breeding.
* BLUP recording. Unbiased and impartial.
* Internationally recognised data.

British Breeders imported Belgian Blues into the UK, in the early 1980’s. They recognised their future importance to the modern commercial beef market, being fine boned, heavily muscled, docile animals with tremendous growth potential, leading to a very high percentage of saleable meat.

British Breeders have selectively bred the ‘British Type’ of Belgian Blue, with great emphasis being placed on:

* Ease of Calving.
* Short gestation period.
* Good Mobility and Structure.
* Excellent Temperament.

This has resulted in the breed now enjoying the distinction of being a NUMBER ONE for AI use as a terminal sire in the UK. The experience of British dairy farmers using Belgian Blues over many years for easy calving, fast finishing cross-bred stock has led beef farmers to follow their example. Now, with ever greater use of the independent, unbiased BLUP recording data, breeders know that they can rely on a British Belgian Blue sire to produce cattle for a wide range of conditions and management systems.

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