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There was terrific demand for a selection of young Bulls from The Twyning Ash Herd of Richard and Julia Carter at Chelford on Saturday 11th July 2009. Due to T B movement restrictions, they were unable to sell in the Society Sale at Chelford in March, but put forward an excellent selection of superbly bred and well reared bulls which attracted considerable attention from a wide area of the Country.

Twyning Ash Corporal
Twyning Ash Corporal

The top price of 6800gns was paid for the April 2007 born Twyning Ash Corporal, the first son of Twyning Ash Worcester to be sold. Worcester is a son of the great AI bull Twyning Ash Troy and the Carters' have high hopes for his future progeny. Out of Twyning Ash Amelia, an Elite daughter, Corporal is a powerful black and white bull with terrific conformation and joins the Bockleton Blues herd belonging to Ian and Jim Phillips.

At 6000gns, Twyning Ash Churchill, March 2007 born by Azur d'Ochain out of Twyning Ash Violet was purchased by H Davies & Sons from Llandegla, Denbighshire, whilst K J Jones & Son, from Robeston Wathen, Pembrokeshire made the long journey to secure Twyning Ash Troy son Columbus for 5500gns, a September 2007 born bull out of the Wreay Odlio sired Twying Ash Sable.

Paul Davies from Foxley, Norfolk is a regular purchaser of Blue Bulls at Chelford, and went to 5300gns to buy Twyning Ash Berkeley a son of the Freshman sired Twyning Ash Trent, and out of the Savant De Pierrecome sired Twyning Ash Renee, whilst at 5000 gns, Twyning Ash Chazz, another Troy son went home to Brill, Buckinghamshire with Peter Morris.

A selection of young Heifers from Messrs. Baldwins White Farm Herd, Gloucestershire met a more selective trade with a relatively stronger demand for the younger Heifers forward. The top price of 1900gns was paid for White Farm Cinderella, son of the home bred bull Waylord out of the Hazelwood Oscar sired Bassibones Titania, she reurned to Gloucester with David Awre of Newnham, whilst White Farm Cardamon, another Waylord daughter but this time out of the Galopeur sired Astbury Satin made 1850gns to George Proctor of Bignall End, Stoke on Trent.

The sale also featured a selection of Continental cross Suckler Cows with Blue cross calves at foot, from Messrs. Carter. The Cows, all heavily back in calf to either Blue or Limousin, were offered separately and made up to £1350 for an April 2004 born Blue cross Cow PD 7 months in calf to the Blue, Twyning Ash Admiral. A September born Heifer calf by Twyning Ash Worcester made £600.

11 Twyning Ash Bulls - ave. £4849
15 White Farm Heifers - ave. £1515
In-calf Suckler Cows - ave. £819
Blue cross Weaned Calves ave. £568

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