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Bath & West Show 2012



Bull born before 31st December 2010

1.Drift Domino

Bull born in 2011

1. Highridge Blues Galazy

Cow/in calf, calf at foot

1. NewPole British Blues Tamhorn Blossom

2. Handy, T Highridge Blues Eternity

3. Dunn, HR & SKW Hawthorn Elena

Heifer born in 2010

1. NewPole British Blues NewPole Feisty

2. NewPole British Blues NewPole Felicity

Heifer born in 2011

1. Highridge Blues Glisten

2. Highridge Blues Glitter

Group of Three

1. Highridge Blues


1. Highridge Blues

2. NewPole British Blues

Champion Male and Reserve Male

1. Drift Domino

2. Highridge Blues Galaxy

Champion Female and Reserve Female

1. NewPole Feisty

2. Highridge Blues Glisten

Breed Champion: Drift Domino

Reserve: NewPole Feisty

Best Bred by Exhibitor: NewPole Feisty

Supreme Interbreed: Drift Domino

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