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dungannon spring sale 2007

Dungannon Sale

Saturday 31st March 2007

Strong BB Export Demand at Dungannon ‘Gola Alan’ Breaks Mart Record at 4700gns

There was a vibrant buzz around the pens and ring at Dungannon Farmers Mart on Saturday 31st March 2007, for the Northern Ireland Blue Cattle Club’s inaugural Export Sale, leading to a virtually a full clearout with averages approaching £600 up on a year ago and the sale topping at a Dungannon record of 4700gns.

Top priced and Supreme Champion ‘Gola Alan’ with judge Michael Woods and breeder Thomas Bogue

There was a strong export interest with 13 Bulls and 4 Females being exported to the Republic of Ireland.

Auctioneer Trevor Wyllie commented ‘There was a steady, lively trade with a strong demand for quality stock, with nearly half being sold for export to the South.’

The Club were proud to welcome, from just north of Dublin, Michael Woods from Drogheda, a member of the Belgian Blue Cattle Society of Ireland, to judge the 35 pedigree animals forward. He put up as his Supreme Champion and Champion Male ‘Gola Alan’ by ‘Tintin De My’ and out of Hillview Norma, bred by County Fermanagh breeder Thomas Bogue. This animal then went on to top the market at 4700 gns, being exported to the Republic of Ireland to Johathan Harte, Templebay, Co. Sligo.

The show of cattle was generously sponsored by ‘ Provita’ Animal Health

The Reserve Supreme Champion and Champion female went to ‘Knockagh Asset’ by ‘Nounours De Wihogne’ out of ‘Knockagh Ultraviolet’ bred by Northern Ireland Club Chairman Jim Ervine. Sold to Hartford Arnold from Lisburn for 2300gns.

Show Results
Class 1 Bulls born 13/12/2002
1st - Lot 1 - Chatham Umpire

Class 2 Bulls Born 3/12/2004 – 6/4/2005
1st - Lot 3 - Woodview Azu
2nd - Lot 6 - Chatham Allen
3rd - Lot 4 - Knockagh Astrix

Class 3 Bulls born 16/4/2005 – 20/5/ 2005
1st - Lot 16 - Gola Alan – Supreme Champion
2nd - Lot 12 - Shorefront Argon
3rd - Lot 11 - Ballykeel Alpha

Class 4 Bulls Born 30/5/2005 – 1/8/2005
1st - Lot 23 - Woodview Alibaba ET
2nd - Lot 21 - FaughanvaleArthur
3rd - Lot 19 - Chatham Alfie

Class 5 Bulls born 10/9/2005 – 21/9/2005
1st - Lot 26 - Woodview Adel
2nd - Lot25 - Hillview Alcorn
3rd - Lot27 - Baronagh Blues Alex ET

Class 6 Females Born 21/11/2002 – 04/04/2003
1st - Lot 32 - Ridge Dean Viola

Class 7 Females born 16/5/2005 – 18/12/2005
1st - Lot 34 - Knockagh Asset
2nd - Lot 37 - Knockagh Alana ET
3rd - Lot 33 - Baronagh Blues Abi ET

Supreme Champion and Champion Male - Lot 16 Gola Alan

Reserve Supreme Champion and Champion Female - Lot 34 Knockagh Assett ET

25 Bulls averaged £2755 (+585)
7 Females averaged £1732 (+599)

Leading prices in guineas

Lot 16 - Gola Alan - 4700
Lot 8 - Chatham Andy - 4200
Lot26 - Woodview Adel ET - 4100
Lot19 - Chatham Alfie - 3600

Lot 34 - Knockagh Asset ET - 2300
Lot 33 - Baronagh Blues Abi ET - 2100
Lot 32 - RidgeDean Viola - 2000

Judge Michael Woods with Tommy Armstrong from sponsors ‘Provita Animal Health’
Judge Michael Woods with Tommy Armstrong from sponsors ‘Provita Animal Health’

Judge Michael Woods watched by attentive crowd.

Not a hair out of place
'Not a hair out of place'

N I Club Chairman 'keeping the job right'


Michael Woods, Togher, Drogheda, judging

Sam Martin, Greyabbey; Josh McCormick and David Dougherty, Kircubbin chilling out
Judge, Michael Woods, Togher, Drogheda enjoying a ringside chat
Michael Woods, Togher, Drogheda, judging

A family occasion for the Bogues from Brookeborough who owned Gola Alan the Provita Supreme Champion Patricia and Tom Bogue and their grandchildren Lauren Rooney and James Birney are pictured with judge of the event, Michael Woods, and handler Adrian Richardson.

Gola Alan, the Provita Supreme Champion was exhibited by Tom Bogue who is pictured here with his grandchildren James Birney and Lauren Rooney and judge of the event, Michael Woods,The champion attained the top price at Dungannon of 4700 Guineas.

Jim Ervine, Newtownabbey was the owner of Knockagh Asset ET the Provita Reserve Supreme Champion and Female Champion

Claire O'Brien exhibits Woodview Adel ET the Reserve Male Champion

Woodview Azu owned by Andrew Craig, Coleraine achieves 3600 guineas

Auctioneers – Dungannon Farmers Mart, Tel 028 8772 2727

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