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Border British Blue Club Open Calf Show

Friday 31st October 2008

The Border British Blue Club staged their inaugural open calf show on Friday 31st October at the Borderway Agri-Expo 2008 at Borderway Mart, Carlisle when nearly all of the 48 catalogued entries were forward for judging. This was made up of 21 males and 27 females all UK born pedigree registered calves born on or after 1st October 2007.

The club would like to thank the sponsors of this event, Norbreck Genetics who supplied the prize money, British Blue Cattle Society for the rosettes and championship sash, Harrison and Hetherington Ltd for the catalogue and the premises.

Trophies - David Dickinson Memorial Trophy for the overall champion calf; BK Ryder Memorial Trophy for the reserve overall champion calf; Bellas Perpetual Trophy for the best animal opposite sex to the champion and Norbreck Genetics Perpetual Trophy for the breeder with the most points.

Chairman Steve Pattinson would like to thank all those who supplied cattle for the British Blue stand at the Agri-Expo they certainly generated a lot of interest and were a great spectacle for the breed. He would also like to say a big thank you to all those who helped on the Blue stand. It was very much appreciated.

The Judge Brian Wheatley, Home Farm, Penrith (President of the Border British Blue Club) had the very difficult task of judging the calves. He commented that he was greatly pleased with the quality of calves presented to him and must congratulate all exhibitors for making such an effort to attend this event.

The overall championship was awarded to Kevin Watret with Solway View Ceaser ET an October 2007, exceptionally well grown, black and white son of Baron Du Bois Bauloye (IS) and out of the Bringlee Sandy flush. Alan Dickinson brother of the late David Dickinson (official society auctioneer to the British Blue Cattle Society 1989-2007) presented

The reserve overall championship went to N & M Beardsley with Woodlands Diamante ET a January 2008, black and white, very correct daughter of Felicien De Courriaulx (IS) and out of the Woodlands Wildthing flush. Andy Ryder presented the BK Memorial Trophy for the reserve overall champion animal to Nicola Beardsley and Andrew Bellas presented the Bellas Trophy for the best animal opposite sex to the champion.

Danny & Jane Wyllie won the Progeny group with two Tamhorn Sumo (SR) daughters. The first was Tamhorn Daffodil ET (2nd in her class) and the second Tamhorn Deidre ET (1st in her class).

The reserve progeny group also went to two Tamhorn Sumo (SR) bred calves shown by Danny & Jane Wyllie. The first was Tamhorn Cosmos ET (2nd in his class), and the second, Tamhorn Duke ET (1st in his class).

Phil Halhead presented the Norbreck Genetics perpetual trophy for the breeder with the most points to Danny Wyllie (Tamhorn Herd)

Class prize winners were as follows: -

Class 1) male born between 01.10.07 and 23.11.07:
1st & Overall Champion Solway View Ceaser ET (Kevin Watret);
2nd Tamhorn Cosmos ET (D & J Wyllie);
3rd Pendle Churchill (AM & E Hartley);
4th Oak Tree Collosuss ET (JH Pedley);
5th Crackley Bank Conker ET (Paul Walker).

Class 2) male born between 21.12.07 and 27.02.08:
1st Tamhorn Duke ET (D & J Wyllie);
2nd Oak Tree Cupid ET (JH Pedley);
3rd Croftends Dazzler ET (JE Bellas & Son) :
4th Woodlands Destroyer ET (N & M Beardsley);
5th Solway View Dazzler ET (Kevin Watret).

Class 3) male born between 25.03.08 and 26.06.08:
1st Solway View Diego ET (Kevin Watret);
2nd Solway View Dynamite ET (Kevin Watret);
3rd Mutton Hall Domino ET (SJ & RR Brough);
4th Solway View Dandy ET (Kevin Watret).

Class 4) female born between 01.10.07 and 01.12.07:
1st Crackley Bank Candy Girl ET (Paul Walker);
2nd Annanwater Cleo ET (Kevin Watret);
3rd Croftends Candy ET (JE Bellas & Son);
4th Solway View Cleopatra ET (David & James McKerrow);
5th Oak Tree Caroline ET (JH Pedley).

Class 5a female born between 05.01.08 and 20.01.08:
1st & reserve overall champion and best animal opposite sex to the champion Woodlands Diamante ET (N & M Beardsley);
2nd Tamhorn Daffodil ET (D & J Wyllie);
3rd Solway View Dolly ET (Kevin Watret);
4th Cromwell Daisy Chain ET (AE Neachell & Son);
5th Cromwell Darling Erica ET (AE Neachell & Son).

Class 5b female born between 01.02.08 and 16.02.08:
1st Tamhorn Deidre ET (D & J Wyllie);
2nd Chalford Manor Destiny ET (DH Plested);
3rd Cromwell Diddup (DH Plested).

Class 6 female born between 24.03.08 and 10.07.08:
1st Pendle Dazzle (AM & E Hartley);
2nd Haneve Dora (JA & E Murray);
3rd Cromwell Dakota (AE Neachell & Son);
4th Carrock Dee Dee (SJ & RR Brough);
5th Carrock Davina ET (SJ & RR Brough)

Photos from Market Sense

A Brough time with a young calf

Danny and Phil with Norbreck Trophy

final line up

Judge Brian Wheatley

Judging calf show

Kevin Watret wins the David Dickinson trophy

Kevin Watret

Prize Presentation

Sumo progeny win title



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