Summary of other Sponsorship Opportunities with the British Blue Cattle Society

  1. Inclusion of a company promotional flyer in the quarterly mailing of the Society newsletter, the “Blue Bulletin” – distribution to 660 members at a cost of £250 per mailing. The sponsor supplying 680 copies of the flyer to our office at Rickmansworth, prior to distribution.

  2. Sponsorship of the Society invoices. On average distributed to approximately 350 members, per month at a cost of £75 per month. This represents around 21p per mailing. 1 x A4 sheet could be included in each invoice envelope and needs to be supplied to the office at Rickmansworth, by the end of the third week, in any one month

  3. Sponsorship or part-sponsorship of the Society stand at the four Royal Shows. The benefit being the display of a poster + leaflets at a cost of : - Royal Welsh (£250), Royal Highland (£250), Royal Ulster (Balmoral) – (£100), Great Yorkshire Show (£100)

  4. Sponsorship of the Society’s ‘Membership Farm Study Tour’ to Belgium at a cost of £500. Benefits to be negotiated

  5. The taking of a trade stand at the Society Sales at Chelford Agricultural Centre, in Spring & Autumn at a cost of £50. The display of a banner at a cost of £25

  6. Sponsorship of the Society’s quarterly Blue Bulletin at a cost of £500 per year

  7. Sponsorship of the British Blue Promotional Booklet at a cost to be negotiated

  8. Sponsorship of the Society website, to be discussed and negotiated

  9. Sponsorship of "Breedplan" on the Society Website – to be negotiated

  10. Sponsorship of Birth Weigh Tapes – to be negotiated

These are just some of the promotional opportunities that avail themselves to companies wishing to work with The British Blue Cattle Society. All contractual arrangements are subject to negotiation.

The British Blue Cattle Society – Today!

  • 660 members and growing
  • Numerically, by sire, through BCMS, the 5th most important UK beef breed
  • Of those dairy producers, using a beef bull, approximately 75% use British Blue genetics
  • The Society website is experiencing 36,434 requests for pages @ an average of 1,175 per day

All the above prices are subject to Vat @ 20% and are subject to availability.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of the above, or have any other ideas for working together, please do not hesitate to contact the Society.